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Sample Letters
Disputing Hire Car Costs

Download this Sample Letter to edit and print yourself

“Without prejudice”


[Other party’s name]

[Other party’s address]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Your claim

Policy Number: ______________

Claim Number: ______________

I refer to your letter dated [date]

I wish to raise a dispute about the amount being claimed.

I believe the amount being claimed is unreasonable because:  [Choose the appropriate option(s)]

  1. The type or model of the hire car used was more than what was reasonable to meet your needs.  My understanding is that the damaged car was used for [Consider the other person’s circumstances – was it a personal family car used for family/shopping/transport to school or work, or was there additional requirements such as business use]; and/or
  2. The hire car costs are excessive. Please see attached quotes for hire car costs; and/or
  3. The hire car being charged is for a longer period of time than the time the car was in a smash repairer for repair [Give details].

I look forward to a detailed response to the dispute raised.

Settlement offer

I offer to settle your claim in full and final settlement on the following terms: [Choose the appropriate option(s)]

  1. The amount of $XXXX to be paid within X days of the date you accept this offer
  2. The amount of $XXXX to be paid in instalments of $XXX per month until repaid

Yours faithfully,

[Full name]