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Sample Letters
Disputing Amount Claimed

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Insurance company

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Accident on __ / __ / __

I refer to your letter dated __ / __ / __.
I wish to dispute the amount being claimed as being excessive because:

1. (examples): I am not responsible for repairs to the front of the car. I only hit the back of your customer’s car – see attached photos
2. I have obtained my own quote for the damage to your customers car – see attached invoice
3. The car was only at the mechanics for 2 days, but you are claiming for 2 weeks hire car
4. _____

I offer you $_____ as full and final settlement of all of my liability arising out of this accident. I can make payment by [date] or I can commence repayments of $____ per week/fortnight/month starting [date].

I look forward to your response in writing.

Yours faithfully,

[Full name]